How to monetize your contents?

SmartRights helps you to distribute your content ensuring people are enforced to pay you directly before seeing it.

Just take your creation, set a price and distribute it.

Pay less comissions using the Ethereum Blockchain

Do you know paying using cryptocurrencies charges less than 0.01$ comissions?

Are you tired of high platforms comissions? Blockchain technology is used to eliminate intermediaries.

Take advantage of low comissions to set lower prices to your creations and get to more audience to make more money


Learn how to use Blockchain technology

Use Blockchain technology to monetize your content never was so easy. Make the difference just following 4 simple steps:

Download and install our client

Create a "Smart file": Set a price, certificate and protect your creation

Upload your "Smart file" to the cloud and share it in Social Networks

Your followers get your "Smart files" and pay you directly to see them

Support your favorite creators

We want to build a community between creative people and their followers through the Blockchain.

Use SmartRights to donate or pay for exclusive content to support your favorite creators.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a pioneer and join our community now.

Do you want to be a pioneer and start to monetize your content using Blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

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SmartRights is the new way to monetize and take control of your content