What is SmartRights?

SmartRights encrypts and certify your content to allow you to distribute as you want without any intermediaries.

Set the rules to let others access to your content. Sell it, allow donations, only visible in a date range, ... There are a lot of options you can choose to protect and monetize your content.

Cryptocurrencies = Lower fees & Data privacy

Pay using cryptocurrencies charges less than 0.01$ fees?

Eliminate intermediaries and take advantage of low selling fees to reduce prices and get more audience to make more money.

SmartRights encrypts your content improving the privacy of your data. Your content will never go out from your computer and nobody could access it without your permission.


Use Blockchain technology never was so easy

Install SmartRights in your computer to certify and protect your content in a few seconds

Protect and certify. Get a proof of authority of your content

Decide how other people can see your content. You have multiple options

Distribute your protected content as you want. You are free to decide how and where share it

People get your content and pay you directly using cryptocurrencies to decrypt it and consume it

Improve the relationship between content creators and their followers

Protect and distribute exclusive contents created for your followers.

SmartRights allows people to donate or pay you for these contents.

Establish a direct relationship with your followers through Blockchain technology.


Download the SmartRights wallet

Select your operating system to download and install the SmartRights wallet

SmartRights is the new way to monetize and take control of your content